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Standard Guitar Setups - Manchester

guitar setup manchester

Here's the big list of setup tasks that I build into a Standard setup designed to leave no stone un-turned

My standard guitar setups include:

  • > Setting the bridge height action
  • > Adjusting the truss rod – the bend in the guitar's neck
  • > Setting the nut slot depths
  • > Curing general tuning problems
  • > Matching the bridge saddle(s) radius to the fingerboard radius
  • > Curing string breakage
  • > Setting tremolo/vibrato
  • > Setting the guitar's intonation
  • > Checking and correcting the neck angle
  • > Restringing
  • > Cleaning and polishing

Action adjustment

Action Adjustment

Setting the height from the frets is important for a nice playing guitar. When the action's too high it's tough to play - when it's too low you may hear buzzing notes. Setting the action properly is a balancing act which also depends on the rest of the adjustments below.

double truss rod

Truss Rod Adjustment

It's crucial to your guitar's neck to have the correct amount of bend or "relief" in it for it to perform well. Too much bend and your action can be too high, not enough and it will buzz and choke out on you

Read my "Secret workings of you guitar's truss rod" for an in depth article

Cutting nut slots

Nut string slot depths

An often overlooked factor in guitar setup. Your guitar's nut needs to be on its best behaviour and have each of its string slot depths set perfectly – it's just as important as your guitar's bridge!

guitar bridge radius

Bridge saddle radius matching

Another secret of guitar setup which is almost always wrong even on new guitars. I make sure that the string's profile matches the bend in your fingerboard.

guitar bridge radius

Setting the Tremolo / Vibrato

If your guitar has a tremolo on I can calibrate this for you too and get it performing properly. Did you know most Strat tremolos can stay in tune as well as a Floyd Rose if looked after?

setting guitar intonation

Setting Intonation

Lots of people complain of tuning and intonation problems with their guitar normally as it goes out of tune higher up the fretboard. Having me set your intonantion correctly will cure this problem

wrapping guitar strings

Guitar Restringing

I properly install new strings onto your guitar – most guitarists can string their own guitar up but doing it properly is another matter! I always make a tidy and well fastened job using string locking where necessary. I always carry your favourite brand and gauge of string in stock too.

That should do it...

Book your guitar in today for a treat!

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