Guitar repair & setup workshop in Manchester, UK

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Not Just Guitars!

Although I get less of them I'm more than happy to work on other stringed and fretted instruments. I have trained at Sheehan's Music working on Mandolins, Banjos, Violins, Cellos, Resonators, Bouzoukis, Mandolas and more. It's always a pleasure to help out another stringed instrument player.

Mandolin Neck Reset

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1980's Handmade Pratt Mandola quick repair

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1920's Keech "Banjulele" Banjolele Restoration

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Cello Snapped Peghead Repair

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Kala U Bass tuner repair

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Brazilian Rozini Cavaquinho

Redwood Ukelele In desperate need of a fret dress

This Redwood Uke was buzzing on certain frets on the fingerboard making it mostly unplayable. The buzzing string were sapping the instrument's sustain and tone.

A miniature fret dress was needed!

I used our smallest fret dressing beam to work on this tiny instrument but it did the trick perfectly. With a true fingerboard and true fret level we can now set this Uke's string height to be very easy under the fingers and not have any buzzing notes


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