Guitar repair & setup workshop in Manchester, UK

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Workshop Tour

Welcome! In September 2012 I moved to this awesome workshop in Cheetham Hill. For guitar setups repairs and upgrades we needed a specialist workshop adapted entirely around stringed instruments. Me and Kieran spent nearly a month furnishing but it was definitely worth it!

guitar workshop bench
Telecaster control plate used as a bench to amp switch. This means each bench can plug into the amp or both at the same time
Main workbench:

This is workbench no 1 used for all sorts, theres a load of files chisels and expensive specialist guitar tools. Everything's been careful placed for easy reach and is secured so that nothing can accidentally fall and damage an instrument. The workstop is a thick ply for strength and is supported with hardwood trestles it's also huge! My amp is underneath the bench and is rigged up to the bench Telecaster switch!

guitar electronics workbench
Second Workbench:

Soldering, setup and guitar assembly

Mountains of top notch electronics components always in stock. CTS pots, Oak Grigsby, Switchcraft, CRL and CGE are all carried all parts are researched and sourced specifically tailored to instruments and chosen for their reliability and tone. Same rugged construction as the first bench.

Spray Room

Temperature, humidity and light levels are controlled which make spraying nitrocellulose possible all year round with proper extraction too. A useful area for keeping sprayed guitar bodies and neck in the same friendly environment out of the way and out of the dust is right next door.

Guitar workshop power tools
Coarse Work Area

I now have a large area for routing, chopping, sawing, carving and sanding. Keep all the sawdust out of the way! This area houses an ever growing selection of power tools

Currently I have a Bandsaw, Belt sander, Scroll saw, Metalwork Lathe (not in view) Pillar drill, Table router (not in view) and my new Buffer.

Guitar workshop case storage
Guitar timber

Guitar Racks

Specially built racking for storing hard and soft cases with plenty of suspended all hangers too for case-less guitars or basses aswell as current work in progress jobs! Even the rack's been felt lined so your cases won't get scratched!

Timber Store

Currently a big pile of mahogany and beech which is still seasoning

Pickup winder

Based on Jason Lollar's machine I built this pickup wondering machine to offer pickup rewinds, pickup repairs and winding new custom voiced coils for your guitar from scratch. All good fun! Classic hand-fed scatter wound pickups made to order!

Building the workshop

Putting this workshop together was a treat it was really nice to build from the ground up. Here's some progress photos!

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