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Settinf strats saddles radius

Get your guitar playing loads better from only £55!

It's hard to give an estimate straight up especially without seeing the instrument. Often the best solution is to meet me with your instrument and we can discuss what you want doing in detail, how much you want to spend and we can come to a decision which works for you best.

Every instrument is different!

Here's a list of rough prices so you can see the kind of quality you would expect:

Cutting guitar nut slotsStandard Guitar Set-ups - from £85 + strings

This set up includes:

Set-up with floating tremolo/Floyd Rose bridges - +£20

>More info on my Standard setups

Fret reprofilingAdvanced Setup with Full Fret Dress – £150

Sometimes, your guitar may need more than a standard set-up. The frets need to be in reasonable shape in order to progress with the set-up. Often you will see that the frets are not level - this is crucial to the playability of the instrument. I have a precision technique for achieveing a perfectly true fret dress.

An advanced setup includes:

>Read my photostory for much more info

My home-made fret press in action, securing frets Re-Fret - from £300.00

A re-fret is needed when there's not enough of the fret left for me to work with. Normally a fret dress would cover it but once I've conducted a fret dress, there wouldn't be enough fret left to work with.

A re-fret includes:

>Read my photostory for much more info

Re-string While-U-Wait - £20 + Strings

I carry a wide range of strings as stock so I'll always have the right set for you. I even stock single strings.
wrap-lock string winding available on request

Learner instrument quick setup - from £55

Specially developed fast turnaround for budget instruments

>Read more

Modifications & Improvements

Upgrading a crappy plastic nut to a mega bone one!

Replacing the Nut - from from £60.00

More often than not a customer chooses bone as a replacement for cheap plastic nuts supplied on new guitars. It's such a good material for instruments because it's really dense – meaning vibrations travel through it faster meaning that more vibration is transferred to the rest of your instrument - essential! It's also great because it contains natural lubricants which are essential for tuning stability.

12 String Nut replacements - from £80.00 (it's twice the work!)

New nut with clear lacquering over the ends of the nut (Gibson/Fender style) - £70

  >Making a new bone nut photostory  

An even cooler mod for acoustic guitars - bone saddle

Bone saddle replacement for acoustics - from £60.00 + parts

All the advantages of a bone nut and more. A bone nut is great but tonally, it only affects the open notes – a bone saddle completely rejuvenates your acoustic tone! When fitted properly to your guitar you'll immediately notice a difference!

Carefully cut to intonate correctly, discount when a nut is replaced as well.

  >More About Bone saddles  

Complete bone upgrade offer!

Want the full works on your acoustic? As I'm sure you can tell I'm a big fan of bone for it's natural resonance and workability. I'm now offering a discount when you get both a bone nut and bone saddle installed, I'll do both for £105

pickup system installation for acoustic guitars Acoustic Pickup Installation - from £75.00

Need to gig with that acoustic guitar?

A transducer is a good bet as many designs are very unobtrusive and are mostly removable without affecting your guitar.
I can advise on which model is best for your guitar too and order for you (for the best price of course…)


  >Help choosing an acoustic guitar pickup system  

Installation details:

(Pickup systems with an onboard preamp box should have an additional £50 charge)

  >Photo story on installing a pickup system  

De-fret from £350Tear those frets out and treat yourself to a brand new fretless guitar or bass!

Ever wanted a fretless bass? Got an old one bass you don't use? Let me de-fret it for you!


Custom fret slot material options include dyed Epoxy, plastic binding material or wooden veneer. I can also lacquer the top of the finger board for you to create a lovely glossy playing surface - suited better to flatwound strings though.

>View the photostory!

custom pickguard making uk

Custom pickguard cutting

Sometimes you just cant find the part you're after, I make pickguards to any specification including creating replicas. I can cut a blank pickguard to any design and colour of your choice!

  >Go to the Scratchplates page  

Electronics: Modifications, Repairs & Upgrades

Coil tapping, kill switches, series/parallel switches, onboard distortion, in/out of phase switches… please ask. Any pickup combination or control pot options are possible with the right schematic!

Hardware replacements & upgradesFine bridge tuning on an electric guitar

custom wound pickupsPickup Winding and Repair

Get a broken pickup faithfully rewound to match the output an tone of your old ones! Matched sets now available for SInglecoils, Humbuckers and everything in between.

Custom voicing, wax potting, covered of non-covered, 2 or 4-core conductor wire available, get in touch today to ask about our custom pickups!


Send your pickups safely by post to me and I can perform your upgrade and return them.

  • Humbucker 2 to 4-wire upgrade - £50 - Makes a tonne of electronics mods possible
  • Pickup Potting - From £40, discount for multiples
Got horrible squealing pickups? That means you've got air trapped inside your pickup's coil windings. Having it potted removes any air pockets and cancels out any chance of microphonics feedback and leaves only the good deliberate feedback there!


Broken headstock repairs - from £120
a nasty headstock break

Disaster! You've dropped the guitar and the head's snapped! Don't worry, it can be as good as new again!

People often doubt that it will ever be as strong again once repaired. This might be true if the repair is'nt done properly, my repairs will always be as strong as new or stronger. I also take on neck re-inforcement too for guitars which have had the same break many times

>View a broken headstock repair photostory!

Other Repairs

Finish Work
nitrocellulose guitar painting

I take on finish work including Resprays and ding repairs. Completely transform your beloved guitar and get all the chips and scratches removed in the process!

>Restoring and respraying a 1966 Fender Mustang

Prices are only a guideline and are subject to change – every single instrument is different!

A very shiny Les Paul

A good old clean!

Every instrument gets a thorough clean before leaving my workshop free of charge - it makes them look as good as new!

Each setup or repair gets one of my custom tags detailing exactly what I've done too so you can check for yourself.

It also details a care period I offer. It's common knowledge that all timbers react to temperature change and humidity change - your guitar is no exception! I cover your guitar agaisnt the natural reaction of your guitar for 2 months after my setup. Bring it back in and I'll restore it to how it was when I last set it up for free.

Cheers, get in touch and we can have a good old natter about your guitar and it's problems!

>Get in touch today!