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My Work

Click the links below to view a couple of past jobs I've worked on. I'm not afraid to show you in detail how I do most of my jobs, my camera is never far away from the workbench!

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Restoring and respraying a 1966 Fender Mustang
Guitar refinish manchester

Here's each step I took when I (lovingly) restored this vintage Fender Mustang, It's a complete strip down to the bare wood and then refinished in Nitrocellulose Fiesta red

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De-fretting a Bass Guitar
Making a bass fretless

Step-by-step photos of turning a fretted bass fretless!

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Making a custom scratchplate
Pickguard making

Here's how I made this one off pickguard for a Yamaha BB bass step by step

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Re-wiring a 1970s Gibson ES 355 - Through the F holes!
ES335 guitar re-wire

Ever wondered how the wiring is done on a semi hollow guitar like the ES335 or in this case a Gibson ES355?

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Musicmaster Truss rod replacement
truss rod repair

Here's how I repaired a 1978 Fender Musicmaster's broken truss rod. Major guitar surgery!

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Making a new bone nut
bone nut

Here's me making a new bone nut for this lovely Stonebridge acoustic from scratch

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Doing a fret dress on a Fender Strat
Fret level

Here's what goes into a fret dress step by step. The fret dress is included in one of my Advanced Setups. This Strat's frets were in bad shape!

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Making a new acoustic bridge saddle from bone
making a bone saddle

I take all these steps when making a new bone saddle for acoustic guitars - all bespoke made!

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Respraying and restoring a Kramer
guitar respray

Alot of work goes into a guitar respray, mostly sanding! See a full walkthrough here

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Acoustic guitar headstock break repair
guitar repair

A real nasty headstock break on this acoustic. Heads fall off guitars and damage in so many different ways, these 2 halves werent easy to get back together!

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Much More!

Hover over pictures to read individual captions, Click "more text" to read the job outline for each of these guitars

'77 Hardtail Strat with a maple fretboard refret

Mandolin Neck Reset

Acoustic Guitar Neck Reset

Washburn N4 Nuno Bettencourt Model Truss rod replacement!

Custom Build S1 Strat body nitro paint job