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Guitar Modifications & Upgrades

Hot rod your guitar!

There's a huge amount of quality guitar parts available for electric, acoustic and bass guitars why stick with your stock parts? Proper fitting and compatibility guaranteed!

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Pickup upgrades
Guitar pickup upgrades

Breathe some new life into your guitar with an upgraded set of pickups

  >Guitar Pickup Installations  

Pickup Potting
Guitar pickup Potting to cure microphinc feedback problems

Cure nasty microphonic pickup squealing with a traditional wax potting service

  >Microphonic Pickup Treatment  

Electronics Modding
Add some funky custom guitar electronics into your guitar!

Add some electrickery into your guitar for new and improved sounds. Coil Tapping, phase, series / parallel, kill switch and custom switching options are all available

  >Custom wiring  

Stock Wiring Upgrades
You'd be surprised at the poor quality components that came in your guitar when it was new, give it a treat with some high quality CTS pots, Oak grigsby, switch craft, CGE and CRL branded parts as used by all the clever luthiers

Just by upgrading the components in your guitar you can really open up your guitar's sound. Keep your guitar functioning exactly the same way just with better parts. You'll be surprised at how much better my upgraded components will sound!

  >Stock wiring upgrades  

50 Cycle Hum can creep into your guitars signal, a good shielding job will cure it and give you a better siganl to noise ratio. Essential for Hi-Gain environments

Kill unwanted hum coming from your guitar - essential for high gain environments

  >Earth Hum Shielding  

Onboard Effects Pedal Installation!
Onboard guitar effects

More nutty ideas... You an mount an effects pedal into a guitar relatively easily therefore getting to use your fingertips to adjust effect parameters

  >Onboard effects 

Acoustic pickup installation / upgrades
Acoustic Guitar pickup installtion - K&K Pure mini pictured

Time to plug your acoustic guitar in? acoustic pickup system installation service done 'ere!

  >Acoustic Pickup System Installations  

Need help choosing a pickup system?

  >Help choosing an acoustic guitar pickup  

Custom pickguard Cutting
pickguard making service

Spice up your guitar with a custom scratch plate / pickguard. Cut in whatever pickup configuration, right or left handed and in a variety of materials and colours

 >Custom Pickguard Cutting 

Premium Bound Pickguard Making
bound pickguard making service

Authentic replicas for your archtop made just the way they were back in the day. A variety of binding and fill options are avilable. All completely handmade one-offs.

 >Bound scratchplate Making Service 

Fitting New Machineheads
Upgrade your guitar machineheads / tuners whatever you like to call them

Ditch those flakey, string-snapping tuners. Guitar machine head fitting and upgrading service to cure tuning problems

  >Proper Tuner Installation Service  

Bridge & Tremolo Upgrades
Tremolo or bridge fitting service avilable

A crucial part of your guitar's tone and tuning stability. Could you do with a better sound or perhaps you want to do mad dive-bombimg with a Floyd Rose tremolo system!

  >Bridge or Tremolo Upgrading  

Hand Made Bone Nut
Bone nuts made from a blank custom to your guitar. Great for acoustics and guitars with tremolos

Have a bespoke made bone nut made for electric, acoustic or bass guitars for optimum playability and tuning stability

 >Cutting a new bone nut from blank 

Hand Cut Bone Saddle
Bespoke Bone saddle cut from a blank with intonation compensation. So much better than a pre cut one!

Don't have a bone saddle on your acoustic? You're missing out big time! Made bespoke to your guitar

  >Bespoke Bone Saddle Making  

Wonder-Tone Neck Pocket Shims
tapered neck shim

Neck shims are needed to adjust the angle of a guitar's bolt on neck. I make them properly allowing maximum coupling between the neck pocket an the neck heel for maximum tone!

  >Tapered Neck Shims  

Bolt-on neck reinforcement
bolt on neck upgrade

The most important joint on a guitar needs to be top notch. My bolt-on reinforcements make your guitar stronger and sound better too! Upgrade your screw on neck to an actual BOLT ON using stainless steel bolts. Superior tone from a much improved neck joint

  >Bolt on Neck Reinforcement  

Tremolo Blocking
Guitar tremolo blocking

Improve your tuning stability and tone by blocking off your unused tremolo. Available in 3 flavours: 1 way blocked, 2 way blocked or just flattened to the body

  >Tremolo Blocking  

Bass Guitar De-Fret
Bass guitar de-fret

Fancy turning your fret-full bass into a fret-less? Fretted to fret less bass conversion service now available

  >Fretless Bass Conversion 

I think I got them all there.. if there's some wacky modification you can think of I'm up for it!


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