Guitar repair & setup workshop in Manchester, UK

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About Me

Jack Ellis

Hiya I'm Jack, I run the workshop. I formed the company in 2009 working from home; 3 years later moved to our present workshop in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. I take great pride in my work, I find setting up and repairing instruments very enjoyable and rewarding.
Over the years there always seems to be something fresh, a unique sound, some wacky hardware or a different design in a guitar that keeps me interested. My job is coming up with solutions for you and if there isn't the part for sale, hey, let's make it instead.

I've been writing the "Fix Your Guitar" column in Total Guitar since 2017 from DIY Truss rod tweaks to Setting up a Floyd Rose - catch it monthly!

I work very closely with the rest of the team: Adam, Tom and Steve and we care. We care that your instrument leaves how you want it, We care that you feel satisfied and we ensure that the instrument will be bang on!


Before starting my own workshop, I worked for Sheehan's Music Services, as a full-time repairer. There I worked closely with the experienced guitar builder Colin Keefe of Keefe Guitars who helped me further my knowledge as a professional guitar repairer. I also worked alongside, Bob Dayfield a well established and respected repairer in Leicestershire

After moving to Salford University to study I quickly began to setup other students' guitars and other instruments. Having major success that year constantly taking on guitars I decided to found Jack's Instrument Services independently to offer my luthier services to Greater Manchester.

From 2009 to June 2012 I worked in a home based workshop taking on an ever expanding array of electric guitars, basses, acoustics and some other interesting stringed instruments. I crammed that workshop full of specialist tools, weird rare guitar parts and more parts until I couldnt fit any more in.... In the new workshop I still havent stopped hoarding.

The Crew

Adan Dolan, Tom mills STeve Leggett guitar repairers

Adam Dolan, Tom Mills, Steve Leggett and Jack Ellis

Adam runs Dolan Custom Guitars based in Manchester, Steve Is a former founding member of Uke Box and versed in all forms of guitar twiddlery. Tom is a Furniture designer at his own company ifsodoso and Jack fixes guitars or something.

Dolan custom guitars                         if so do so furniture design

Great to be working alongside these three who have just as much of a keen eye as I do!