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Varitone Stompbox

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varitone circuit

A classic but nearly forgotten circuit...

This is a classic Gibson styled Varitone circuit but mounted into a pedal so it can be used on any guitar!

Faithfully reproduced: This is the authentic vintage circuit just like the original but with painstakingly auditioned capacitors

Not only does this pedal feature the best components it's authentic to the real Gibson ones. I use the correct spec inductor coil (or choke) to give it *that* tone - it just doesn't sound the same without it!

(Many other brands don't even have a choke.)

My Varitone Stompbox has 100% passive audio path, the battery is only for the LED. Very simple to use, within seconds you will have those classic tones at your toes. Explore a little deeper and you will find a wide range of filtering to give you some authentic 60's sounds and more. You can get the Gretsch nasal tone with ease!

Crammed with useful sounds, expertly wired, and tailored through rigorous testing - it's finally arrived

*For passive instruments only - to be placed before a buffer

varitone with inductor varitone

varitone pedal

Demo Video

Plugging It In

The Varitone Stompbox works best placed before any other pedals - think of it as an extension of your guitar's tone controls

true bypass loop box


Very pleased, I'm exploring the pedal everyday and finding a new sound

Good evening,

Just to let you know that the pedal you built for me some time ago is part of my permanent rig - and I agree that it is a lot more useful than having it built into a guitar. You asked me for a progress report on battery life, all I can say is that the original is still in there.

Kindest regards,

P Bolderson

Excellent stomp-box! Well built, well packed and quick delivery. Recommended.

Hi Jack,

Just a line to say thank you for the neat pedal which the postman just delivered. To the annoyance of the neighbours - and, despite as Ronnie Scott used to say, not yet seeing in colour - there was an obvious need to 'fire up' the rig and give it a quick test.


Saves having to have instruments with the circuit built in and I'm loving the scope of sounds - I hope that you sell a shed-load.

All the best!


Awesome Pedal, quick turnaround with good comms. Highly Recommended, thanks!!

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