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6 Tone Telecaster pre-wired control plate

Custom telecaster Harness

The 6 Tone Tele plate is a wiring modification that's ready to drop in, it's the result of months of research and fine tuning.

It uses a 4-way pickup selector switch and a hidden push pull switch to add extra tones to your Telecaster all without using batteries or changing the look of the guitar!

The tidy little unit requires you to tighten up only 4 screws and make one solder joint - even so I supply clear instructions.


They are made bespoke following your customisation options which you can choose below. These are not picked off a shelf.

What does it do?

The 6 Tone wiring harness doubles the sounds you can get from your pickups from 3 to 6 sounds

telecaster wiring loom

Switch position 1 - Bridge and Neck pickups in series (huge humbucker type output!)
Switch position 2 - Neck pickup
Switch position 3 - Neck and Bridge pickups connected in parallel (Classic tele sound)
Switch position 4 - Bridge pickup only

There's more!

The wiring harness also comes with a phase switch. On switch positions 1 and 3 you can switch the pickups out of phase by pulling up the tone knob. Each combination gives a different sound!

So that gives you:

Switch position 1 - Bridge and neck pickups in series and out of phase
Switch position 3 - Bridge and neck pickups in parallel and out of phase

A total of 6 sounds - 3 more than the stock wiring

Audio Demo - Distortion

Audio Demo - Clean

How Do I install it?

The 6 tone Tele plate is designed for any Tele which uses the telecaster style controls. You will have to connect 4 wires inside of your guitar but this is easily done with the solderless green coloured terminal blocks on the back. There's only one solder joint you will need to make if your neck pickup has a metal cover.

Full foolproof instructions are supplied - it's so easy to install

Custom telecaster wiring


Custom tele Harness


Hi Jack,

Just a note to let you know that I have received the plate and installed it this morning. I have spent the afternoon spanking the Tele really hard....I'm really pleased I chose the "changes the sound most" option...

It has completely transformed the Tele and has given it MEGA twang.... I really mean "Mega" twang - The best feature for me is the "massive grin" push pull knob... The original Fender plate does not compare with your plate, either in quality of manufacture or quality of components. Definitely recommend this mod, it is a must have for everyone with a Tele. Well done mate, I'm very happily out of phase right now, thanks to you...

Best money I have ever spent. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

Vic. - PS I'll be back....soon

Hello Jack, just wanted to say a Happy New Year, and also to say that the 6-tone Telecaster control plate you wired up is working very well indeed with SD Broadcaster pickups , in the Japanese Telecaster that I upgraded...

Turned out to be a killer combination!

-Joseph Rose

Jack, I'm really enjoying the 4-way 'solderless' control plate for my Telecaster. For someone like me who enjoys experimenting with different pickups it's the perfect solution! I'm using a neck humbucker and single coil Tele bridge, and the tonal variety is amazing. Significantly cut down on the hum and noise I had before with traditional wiring. Thanks for a great product!

Jay Bagwell, Alabama

Hi Jack,

So, I am done with the Telly Project. Your wiring works perfect, thanks for that, but whats more important, thanks for the support after my purchase.

Actually I did everything right from the start, but was worried about a certain hum that occured after first assembly. Now, I did more proper shielding on the guitar body cavities and connected everything with ground wire. The hum almost disappeared and the sound is great. I like all the options your wiring is giving me, it is way more reliable then the other telecasters I have played so far.

You do a great job, thanks again !

Cheers, Juraj

Hi Jack

I have fitted your 6 tone control plate to my Tele. At the same time, I replaced the pickups with Seymour Duncan Vintage Broadcaster pickups.

All of the available tones are simply stunning, and the control plate is a really solid piece of workmanship! You have designed a great product

I look forward to buying more gear from you in the future


Rex Winter

Hi Jack,

The wiring was superbly effortless and my cheap throw away affinity tele now sounds amazing. Got seymour duncan five-twos in there as well. Thanks man I'm very impressed with the versatility the switches provide tone wise and the overall quality of the control plate.

- P. Geldenhuys, South Africa

Hi jack, Thanks for the reply.

Well chuffed. My toneriders are on fire! Great sounds and the plate turbo boosted the pickups. Will send a link to my YouTube vid

Your 6 tone plate gets a good plug!

Gerry's Demo Video Link >

All the best, nice dealing with you - Gerry porter

Custom telecaster Harness

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