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The "DubPlate" for Jazz Bass

Custom Jazz Bass Harness

 Here's a neat upgrade for your Jazz Bass. The Dubplate is a wiring modification that's ready to drop in, it's the result of months of research and fine tuning. The tidy little unit requires you to tighten up only 5 screws to install with out having to get the soldering iron out!

They are made bespoke following your customisation options which you can choose on the form below. These are not picked off a shelf.

What does it do?

When you activate the DubPlate the output of the bass is significantly increased with more bass presence.

Custom Jazz Bass Harness
It's easily activated too so you can quickly snap it on in the middle of a song. When the DubPlate's boost switch is off your original pickup's tone shines through completely, truly bypassed.

How Do I install it?

The Dubplate is designed for any bass which uses the classic Jazz Bass plate. You will have to connect 5 wires inside of your guitar but this is easily done with the solderless green coloured terminal blocks on the back of the DubPlate - you'll only need a screwdriver. Full foolproof instructions are supplied - it's so easy to install.

Custom Jazz Bass Harness

Audio Demo


Got the controls today and installed it this evening. Installation was very easy and the screw terminals should scare the crap out of guitar techs. That saved me from paying a tech probably $75 to solder up what was five turns of the screwdriver. Initial sound impressions are that it's very useful. It's pretty late, so I didn't get to crank things, but what I did hear was very positive.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!


Custom Jazz Bass Harness Custom Jazz Bass Harness

Hey Jack,

I've installed the Dubplate a few hours ago and it sound fantastic!! It took me some time to understand how the balance knob acts when the circuit is activated but then I read again the two sheets of paper you attached and you stated it will be both pickups ON so now it's all clear. I'm a fan of this preamp already, such a huge tone and boost! I don't know the secret sauce you use but it's working and it put a smile on my face :)

Thanks again Jack! I am very happy with the sound I got.

Rgds, Attila - Custom Dub plate design

Custom Jazz Bass Harness Custom Jazz Bass Harness Custom Jazz Bass Harness Custom Jazz Bass Harness