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Mini True Bypass FX Loop

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Simple, rugged, pure & tiny!
true bypass loop box

These true bypass boxes offer a 100% wholly and truly bypass signal for your pedals. Easily add them into your rig with no loss of tone.

They utilise a heavy duty on/off switch.

My bypass looper is super compact - only 90 x 30 x 35mm. You can really maximise the space on your pedalboard with this switcher

 >How to plug it in

true bypass switch pedal                       true bypass switch box

true bypass loop box

Plugging It In

Here's a couple of combinations I thought of. It's very versatile so there are many more combinations available for you to invent.

Think outside the box!

true bypass loop box

Simple and classic for maximum tone. This absolutely removes the effect pedal from your signal chain

true bypass loop box

Another use - a tuner mute! Don't connect the return signal from the tuner and the bypass pedal send the signal only to the tuner so you can tune in silence

true bypass loop box

Go nuts - add as many pedals through this switcher box as you want there's no limit!

As you can see it's a bit of an allrounder. I previously plugged all my pedals in 1 long chain and suffered the tone loss and the constant tap-dance whilst playing... No more!