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Learner Guitar Makovers

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It doesnt matter if your guitar isn't and authentic Les Paul or Stratocaster, it's still got 6 strings right? Not all of us can afford the brand names and that's why I have introduced a new service for lower priced guitars.

I'm offering a special cheap, quick makeover for these lower end guitars to make them as easy as they should be to play!

Often the problem is that they are not very well set up (if at all) in the factory which means that the player will be having a hard time tackling playing the thing when learning the music is tough already.

I've had lots of experience with these low end guitars and some of them, sadly, are hardly instruments - some notes don't work, they are incredibly hard to play and more often then not have sharp fret ends guaranteed to shred your hands!

Jack's speedy learner guitar makeovers from £55 - please call

Learning music is hard enough - don't let your new instrument hold you back!

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