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Guitar set-up Gift Certificates

Guitar setup vouchers!

Give your favourite guitar or bass player an awesome setup on their guitar!

Why not treat your favourite guitarist with that setup they've been putting off getting done? A professional set-up can really make a difference making the guitar or bass much easier to play making the guitar inspiring to pick up and play again. Often I can get the guitar to play better than when it was new as well as looking brand spanking new too.

What's even better is when you give one of my setup vouchers they come with a free set of guitar strings too!

You can use the voucher any time up to 1 year from the purchase date, just get in touch to book it in!

Buy your guitar setup voucher today!

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Here's how it works: After the gift certificate is bought, a unique voucher with your personal message on is emailed to you. You can then print it off or forward the email to the recipient, the recipient books the guitar in at my workshop we then have a chat about exactly what he or she wants from the setup and how the guitar should play. Next, the guitar is professionally set-up and then the guitar is given back!

The Standard Setup gift certificate includes:

Recommended for beginners

  >Buy standard setup voucher - Only £45  

The Advanced setup gift certificate includes all of the above as well as:

A fret level is important to all guitars alike, if the frets aren't level then the guitar strings height can only be lowered so much without them buzzing!. The fret dress procedure only included in an advanced setup will correct this making the guitar PERFECT once again!

  >Buy advanced setup voucher - Only £85  

You can read much more in detail here if you need Guitar Setups with loads of photos too..!

t&cs Vouchers are valid for 1 year from purchase date. an advanced setup needs 10 days, standard setups need 5 days to complete so please bear in mind, an email reciept will be sent with your unique claim code shortly after purchase. A free set of guitar strings is included with each gift (not bass strings, they're too expensive!), Setup vouchers can only be claimed at Jack's Instrument Services