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Guitar Re-wiring Service - A Speciality

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bad guitar rewire
←Yuck! Look familiar?

The electronics of this poor Telecaster are done for, it's been soldered and re-soldered so many times the parts have melted!

I offer a professional wiring service for your guitar, I use the best quality parts for the best sound and best reliability. Maybe a DIYer has had a go at wiring up your guitar or maybe the factory electronics aren't up to it and are causing crackling or no output - no job too small.

I use CTS pots, CRL and Oak Grigsby switches and Switchcraft jack sockets expertly soldered with standard or "vintage cloth" wiring - just ask.

Here's a few examples of my work

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Gibson SG rewire CTS pots Fender Marauder rewire Push Pull pots
les paul rewire bareknuckle stratocaster les paul rewire Dual output jazz bass

You choose the circuit

I offer a wide range of circuits for your guitar, either faithful-to-the-original wiring or completely modified custom circuits - all possible

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Re wiring a rare 70s Semihollow Gibson ES-355

Here's some photos of when I rewired a 70s Gibson ES 355, you'll see why it needed it!

Here was the first clue of the horrors waiting for me inside this vintage guitar...

Some clown has re-soldered the bridge humbucker making use of a paperclip! For some reason the original PAF humbucker's hookup wire has been cut short and someone's extended it really badly...

We decided to go for a complete rewire binning all the old components apart from the pickup selector switch which could be re-used.

The Gibson ES-355 (not the ES-335!) has a varitone built in as standard, here I am making a new custom varitone circuit.

This one is a custom voiced one with 6 independent sounds *PLUS* a true-bypass option which doesnt flavour the sound at all

The Varitone circuit also uses a hard-to-source inductor, this ones the same as the original Gibson one would have been

Starting to fit the new circuit through the F Holes. I have already put the vari-tone part of the circuit inside as well as extended the pickup cables using vintage cloth braided wire (like the original wire was).

Here's the plan - I want no cables to be on show through the F holes of the guitar. This means I have to pair up the cables and carefully plan all the lengths of cable to neatly follow round the pots.

All the time I am using the screened Gibson braid wire. This is essential as non-screened cable will let hum into the guitar's circuit. With this design of guitar it's not possible to foil shield the insides of the electronics cavity!

I have used the original tone capacitors but have replaced the potentiometers for USA Made CTS pots and a new Switchcraft USA jack socket

The fiddly bit...

After about 15 minutes of swearing and extreme fiddlery, the pots, switch and jack socket are all in their right places and tightened up!

Look! No wires on show!

All done, a nice tidy job with top quality, reliable parts to a standard which I proudly stand behind

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