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Jack’s Instrument Services- Terms and Conditions

By carrying out work with us (henceforth referred to as ‘Jack’s Instrument Services’/‘us’/‘we’/‘the company’), you (henceforth referred to as (‘you’, ‘the customer’) agree that you have read, and agree to be bound by, the terms and conditions stated in this document. There is a 24 hour/1 full working day window for you to cancel the agreed work following booking in if you do not accept the terms outlined below. All decisions made by management regarding enforcement of this document are final.

1. The Process

1.1 Our standard workflow process is as follows:

1.1.1 Booking-in. This is when the guitar is on our bench and we’re assessing it, either with you there in person or remotely if you’ve posted it in. We may sometimes have to take your guitar and do this at a later date, for example if you arrive a few minutes before closing time, or if a senior member of staff isn’t present to assess a tricky or unusual job. It’s at this stage we’ll ascertain which jobs need to be carried out, and inform you of the available options.

1.1.2 At this stage we’ll try and cover everything, but we may miss things- for example if there’s a bad shim in the neck pocket, loose frets, wiring issues and so forth. If we spot anything at a later date we’ll inform you as soon as we notice.

1.1.2 Once the work to be carried out has been agreed, along with string choices and any specific requirements, we’ll take your contact info and inform you of this document, advising you to read it. We will also give you an ESTIMATED turnaround date (see part 2 for more info on our turnaround system). We’ll also give you an ESTIMATED price breakdown at this point. THIS AMOUNT MAY CHANGE ONCE WORK HAS BEEN COMPLETED.

1.1.3 We allow a ‘cooldown period’ of 24 hours(or 1 working day) for you to inform us if you have changed your mind for any reason and cancel, or if you take issue with any item listed in this document. If you decide you don’t wish to proceed you’ll be welcome to collect your instrument back from us and there’ll be no harm done.

1.1.4 After that 24 hours is up, we’ll consider your job locked in and order any parts required to undertake the agreed work. If the customer decides to cancel after the initial 24 hour ‘cooldown period’ is up, subject to our

discretion we may still charge for any parts ordered, or

time spent planning for the work/sourcing the parts.

1.1.5 When it’s time to carry out the work, we’ll proceed as agreed, and call/email/text if anything needs clarification or if anything else comes up. We ask customers not to call for progress updates after the initial cooldown period, as unnecessary correspondence slows down our small team considerably and will only delay your job(and others).

1.1.6 Once the work has been completed to our satisfaction, we’ll send an invoice to your email, along with a text to inform you of the job’s status. Invoices can be paid either with Cash, Card, or Bank Transfer. All invoices must be paid in full before the guitar will be allowed to leave the workshop- no exceptions.

1.1.7 Once the guitar has left us, our WARRANTY will take effect. See part 4 below for more info.

2. Turnaround and Deposits

2.1 We are an extremely busy, small workshop with a limited workforce and a lot of plates to spin! As a result we work on a turnaround which can vary between 2 and 6 weeks depending on demand.

2.2 We will inform you of our estimated completion date for your guitar upon booking-in- however this can change due to factors outlined in section 3 below.

2.3 Any queue jumping is subject to our discretion and may incur additional charges.

2.4 DEPOSITS, PART 1 -delayed drop-off.

2.4.1 We are sometimes able to take a deposit to secure your place in the queue but allow you to keep your guitar until a week before the estimated completion date. If we take a deposit so you can keep hold of the guitar in the meantime, and you don’t bring it in on the agreed date, you risk having to return to the back of the queue.

2.4.2 Paying a deposit does not guarantee your job will not be delayed by circumstances described in part 3 below.

2.4.3 If you miss your drop-off window by more than a week without contacting us, we will keep your deposit as an admin fee for the time spent booking the job in.

2.4.4 All deposits/queue reservations are non- refundable if you change your mind about getting the work done.

2.5 DEPOSITS, PART 2 -general deposits.

2.5.1 We will sometimes ask for a deposit/pre- payment to cover parts or go towards higher value repairs. This will be payable within 48 hours of book-in to allow job progression.

2.5.2 These deposits are non-refundable as we will use them to purchase parts, or in some cases outsource labour.

2.6 Uncollected jobs

2.6.1 If, once your work has been billed for and your guitar has been completed, you fail to pay or get in touch with us within one calendar month, we will have no choice but to take possession of your instrument and sell it- this is to cover our costs on the work we completed and to make space for paying customers.

2.6.2 Within reason, we will happily hold on to a completed job for you for up to three months at no extra charge, provided a good explanation is given.

2.6.3 Otherwise though we do ask that all customers collect their completed jobs as soon as possible.

3. Delays

2.1 Whilst we aim to complete work on your guitar/guitars

within the turnaround stated upon book-in, delays can sometimes happen as a result of the following:

2.1.1 -Unexpected surge in workload, time spent on booking-in, or unnecessary correspondence after a job has been booked in.

2.1.2 -Stock shortage (or delay in previously-ordered stock reaching us)

2.1.3 -Staff shortage(we are a small team with a big workload)

2.1.4 -Force Majeur events(ie ‘act of god’ type stuff- power cuts, tornadoes, Russian Space station wreckage landing on the workshop, etc).

2.2 For the reasons stated in 2.1.1 through 2.1.4, our turnaround times are to be considered our TARGETS only, and are NOT BINDING. All dates given by us for completion of repairs are to be considered ESTIMATES ONLY and we will not be liable for any loss/compensation as a result of failure to meet these dates.

2.2.1 Failure to meet these dates does not entitle the customer to cancel the work.

2.2.2 Failure to meet these dates does not entitle the customer to any discount on the work.

2.3 If you have not heard from us within one working week

of our stated turnaround, please do give us an email to check where we’re up to, and reminding us of how long it’s been. In some rare cases job sheets can slip through the cracks.

2.3.1 If this has indeed happened we will of course drop everything and get your late task finished as soon as is physically possible within the confines of our working hours.

4. Warranty

4.1 We stand behind our work, and take great pride in the quality of service we offer, and in upholding our reputation.

4.2 As a result, we offer a generous ONE CALENDAR MONTH WARRANTY on all work undertaken. We will hand you a setup tag when your job is completed, which will function as your warranty card so keep it safe! If you loose this card, you loose your warranty with it.

4.2.1 (in some rare cases we may offer to undertake work which may not include a warranty. This usually involves bodges and/or quick fixes, or extremely risky jobs such as glue repairs)

4.3 This warranty covers the following:

4.3.1 Faults in workmanship on our part (and not those inherent of the instrument)

4.3.2 Trussrod adjustment -for example, if the neck settles flatter than it should after a few days and the low frets start buzzing. Necks can move when the guitar moves to an area with different temperature/humidity, so we’ll cover you for this over a 1-month period while your guitar settles in post-setup.

4.3.3 Faulty parts (any faulty parts and/or strings will become apparent almost immediately- however if something isn’t working as it should or stops working within a month of installation we can safely assume it’s a manufacture error.)

4.4 This warranty does NOT cover the following: 4.4.1 Inherent faults with the guitar. Manufacturing or design flaws/


4.4.2 Fretbuzz resulting from poor playing technique.

4.4.3 Force Majeur events. 4.4.4 Reasonable Wear and Tear

4.5 The warranty will be VOIDED under certain


4.5.1 Customer, or anyone not affiliated with us, tweaking the setup (eg, lowering the action until it buzzes, and then bringing it in complaining it now buzzes...)

4.5.2 Extortion- (eg, leaving an unreasonable bad review and saying you’ll only delete it if we give you free stuff- yes this actually happened once..!)- this will of course also lead to being barred in future.

4.6 Instruments are booked in and left with us here on the understanding that their value does not exceed the current secondhand value, as determined by a median average determined by a ‘sold items’ search on eBay/ Reverb. Current listings are not counted to discount the effect of ‘optimistic listing practices’

5. Mechanical limitations

5.1 The laws of physics and mechanics place certain restrictions on what is possible.

5.2 We have ‘industry standard’ settings we default to in order to guarantee buzz-free playing. These are a result of years of experience, and can vary

depending on what strings you use, the condition of the

fretwork, and how hard your playing attack is.

5.3 We will inform you of these limitations (a buzz-free 1.5mm action is not possible with 8’s, sorry guys) upon book-in.

5.4 If you insist that we set up your guitar to settings beyond our recommendation/out of our specification, there will be no warranty, and no guarantee of zero fret buzz. We will always advise you of what is possible, and will not be held responsible for a setup with issues occurring from poor understanding of the science behind it... to put it another way, please trust us to know what your guitar’s limits are.

5.5 If you have unorthodox setting requirements, we will however do our best to accommodate you, provided you accept the above.

6. Workshop Damage to Customer Guitars

6.1 We are EXTREMELY careful with all customers’ guitars, and treat them with infinitely more care then we would our own.

6.2 In some rare cases, accidents can happen. If we become aware of having damaged your guitar in any way, we will inform you as soon as this happens.

6.3 If you find damage to your guitar after you

collect it, we would require you to provide evidence the damage was not present upon drop-off before discussing compensation.

6.4 We of course have facility for repair and parts replacement, our policy is to improve where possible

6.5 In the unlikely event of total loss in the workshop, replacement to the current market value will be discussed

7. Outbound Couriers

7.1 All outbound instruments are shipped with safety in mind, loose parts are secured and boxes are well padded with packing materials, we aim to improve the packaging from when it was received if deemed applicable

7.2 We ship our guitars with no insurance unless you specify, we will happily insure your instrument upon request. We will quote you for the new price

7.3 You must supply us with a relevant wholly correct address, phone, email details and suitable delivery date

8. Inbound Couriers

8.1 This is your responsibility to:

for shipping

8.1.1 Pack the guitar adequately
8.1.2 Secure loose parts
8.1.3 Provide suitable case or box material

8.1.4 Attach our full address: Jack’s Instrument Services, 1st Floor, 15 Collingham Street,

Manchester, M88RQ, U.K.

8.1.5 provide full contact details fr it’s safe return, Full Address, Full name, Phone and Email

9. Customer Instrument Photos

9.1 We sometimes take photos of instruments we are working on to use as part of our promotional strategy, on our website and social media.

9.2.1 By leaving an instrument with us you’re giving us permission to use them for these purposes and post online for all to see.

9.2.2 If you change your mind about this at any time, simply email us to say so and we’ll delete the photos from

anywhere we have them saved immediately, and/or not

post them anywhere.

10. Data protection

10.1 We will NEVER, EVER, FOR ANY PRICE sell our

database of customer information.

10.1.1 Ever. For any price. It’s not for sale, and never will be.

10.2 However, if there is an overlap between the job we are doing for you and work conducted by our sister company Tiny Tone (for example, you’ve sent in a guitar for a respray and a setup but also a new scratchplate) we will share your contact info with TT so they can contact you if needed to ask questions about the job.

10.2.1 If such an overlap occurs though, you’ll receive one invoice from each company for the work undertaken.

10.3 We may record emails, text messages, audio/ video(via our security cameras), and call logs as proof of work agreed or undertaken.

11. Security (and Customer Bans)

11.1 We reserve the right to ban customers, and, if

required, inform the Police in the case of any abusive, racist, any kind of -phobic or violent conduct.

11.2 We have security cameras and microphones on the premises which are in operation 24/7. We will use the information from these to prosecute thieves to the full extent of the law

11.2.1 ...and also if needed to prove that certain warnings or estimated turnarounds were given.

11.3 If not the owner of an instrument left with us, the customer(i.e. the person who books in the guitar) is acting as an agent of the guitar’s owner, and not as an agent of Jack’s Instrument Services.

These conditions and any agreement between the customer and Jack’s Instrument Services shall be governed by English law.