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Diddy P for Precision Bass

A custom wiring harness for your Precision Bass - The Diddy P (as the name suggests) tightens up the low end of a P Bass with the flick of a switch.

Completely passive!

The Diddy P is ready to install into P basses and other similar basses using the split P Bass humbucker pickups - It's the result of lots of fine tuning. This wiring loom requires a minimal amount of soldering to install, the hard work has been done for you and very nicely I might add!

Custom Precision Bass Harness

pickguard mounted P bass wiring loom
What does it do?

The Diddy-P has the classic P bass functions already there but has the addition of a second mode which tightens the low end making it great for modern style bass sounds similar to a Jazz Bass.

It's easily activated too so you can quickly snap it on in the middle of a song. When the Diddy P's switch is off your original pickup's tone shines through completely, truly bypassed.


Mode A - Your bass's original classic sound
Mode B - Modern sound with a tightened low end

Custom P Bass Harness

Custom P Bass Harness

How Do I install it?

The Diddy P is designed for any bass which uses a P bass style humbucker (or a 4-wire humbucker).

You will have to connect the 4 wires inside of your bass but this is easily done with the solderless green coloured terminal blocks on the back of the volume pot. *Some basses may require extending 2 cables, I always supply some spare cable just in case!

Full foolproof instructions are supplied - it's very easy to install.

Audio Demo

custom P bass wiring