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Making A Custom Scratchplate

Alan got in touch with me to see if I could make him a custom pickguard for his Yamaha BB424X bass, here's the process involved in making one completely by hand

Guitar scratchplate upgrades

Alan posted his old scratchplate for me to trace around which meant that I could make a perfect copy of it - guaranteed to fit. First step is to draw round it to rough out the shape. Every screw hole and the pickup holes are traced out too

Rough cutting out the scratchplate

After an appointment with the bandsaw, the plate is looking a little more like it. Taking off the excess like this allows easier working

Guitar scratchplate upgrades

A second attack with the saw. I cut as close as I dare! Removing as much as you can with a saw saves on sanding time. The plate has also had it's edges sanded roughly

Counter sink drilling the scratchplate screw holes

After the pickguard has been cut close to the line, I then sand it until I'm perfectly happy with the outline. The next step is adding the 45° bevel which is also done by hand. I use a Stanley blade to carve away each curve. I dont stop until I'm perfectly happy with it. It's hard to get the black line on a 3-ply scratchplate to show evenly but very rewarding when it's right.

After the bevels are cut, I drill out the scratchplate screw holes and countersink them

The 45 Degree bele has been added to the sides of the pickguard

Have a look at the accuracy I get, they're perfect copies.

Finished Yamaha Bass Scratchplate

A swanky new upgrade for your guitar! Professionally made pickguards cut by hand in Manchester


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