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Custom Pickguard Making - Get a quote

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Handy Documents

Download my postage printout form for posting your old scratchplate or template to me Scratchplate Postage Printout.pdf

How to make a good template - the better the template the better your guard will be! Making A Scratchplate Template.pdf


Now then, It's very hard to give some baseline prices out so i think the best way is to set out some examples.

The scratchplates are priced according to how hard they are to make (how complex and, in particular, how many flush edges there are!), how large they are as well as the price of the pickguard stock materials cost

Les Paul floating pickguard 1 ply cream £30
Les Paul floating pickguard Wildcat £40
Classic Telecaster 3 ply white £35
Classic Telecaster Pearloid £45
Jazz Bass 3 ply black and cream £40
Jazz Bass Tortoiseshell £45
Deluxe Telecaster Style 3 ply mint green £55
Deluxe Telecaster Style Acrylic Mirror £65
Strat Style 3 ply black £55
Strat Style Tortoiseshell £65
Ibanez RG Style 1 ply matt black £55
Ibanez RG Style Clear Acrylic £65
Precicion Bass 1 ply white £65
Precision Bass Marble £75
Classic Jaguar 1 ply black £60
Classic Jaguar Pearloid £75
Reverse of Pickguard Foiled shielded   +£1
Return UK Postage and Packaging   +£3-5
Return International Postage and Packaging   +£10-15

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